tv watching you?

why do the tv anchor’s eyes follow you like an old painting. in the LCD digital tv flat panels, if you move around the room, the eyes follow you. Advertisements

Causality and the Cage

I see many are concluding that the President ‘slept’ through the debate, and Stewart also ‘skirted’ around calling the Commander and Chief a woman. The prob with anyone who tries to debate anything… Continue reading

Math for Yummies

If you have a system inside a system, and give a greater importance to the differentiation of the inner systems,  then the outer system will by definition be MORE filled with diverse element,… Continue reading


the whole genetic thing has me turning in circles … precept: supposedly, if you have dark hair, are not supposed to be able to have blond-haired children. my aunt and uncle were both… Continue reading

the dawn strikes

i did not ask you to my door i did not find the will for more i did not play the tunest tune i did not falter – come the moon and now… Continue reading

mitochondrial REM

tonight I would give pause to thank God for nothing, because nothing is exactly what He found before sculpting us to breathe the next unknown–   and tomorrow I will thank the Day:… Continue reading

electromagnetically quantified

I left it because nobody gave a shit the facts are very simple: you get tired of being treated as the pitiful crazy one the error to every other ‘correct’ posture AND IT… Continue reading

on petals of the flower

there is no reason to the apathy pulling each song each plait for truth … down the tungsten road we keep each passion sealed each minor inconvenience … tortured a blank formulation to… Continue reading


at this point at least what i mention is the truth and you wonder how much damage someone who lies will attempt before they are buried what saved me was i reminded myself… Continue reading

to the flame

it’s funny they call you a monster lock you up then from locking you up and abusing you ….. EXPECT you to at least NOW turn into a monster and you don’t and… Continue reading

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