on the edge of nation; divided

i guess the more you can depend on God, the less you can expect of man.

no matter how hard i try — no matter what understandings complete or complexities team to overshadow …

one indelible truth remains:

you can’t cure stupid.

and with that i must be satisfied. how fares the rest? i hear we go to battle soon, and me without sword. perhaps the only reason for our surrender, would be a lack of confidence. and this cannot be achieved by speech or industry; the shelter for which each heart seeks stands close to its fear … and this a matter of kindness and requirement.

so you deem to make the stand? my hopes go with you. each matter is what we make it, and each punishment a wormed consortium. if i told you there was no need, would you lay down arms? no … so my only wish is that we ride once more together. ere the night falls, and the darkness suffers no more light.

not a one.